A few numbers
The sales trend is constantly increasing, proving the good enterpreneurial intuition and the ability to make it real. This growth goes with a constant extension of the produced lines. From the starting range of bags, wallets and belts, to a mix of products that includes also keychains, suitcases, professional bags, shoes, foulards, scarves and gloves. Miriade launches every season, 6 different Collections for a total amount of more than 1000 references.

By the end of 2008, Miriade production was about 1.200.000 articles for every season. Miriade exports its production in 70 different countries all over the world; in Italy Miriade supplies in more than 1000 selected shops.
Marketing and Communication has been a crucial point since the beginning of the company strategy always investing great resources.

Several great, internationally weel-known photografers have worked with Miriade over the years, people like:
Ellen Von Unwerth - Mert & Marcus - Miles Aldridge - Gianpaolo Barbieri - Giovanni Gastel - Matteo Bertolio - Federico De Angelis - Max Ballatore - Luciano Ferrara - Alan Gelati